Are your sunbeds and loungers getting damaged by the weather?

Wednesday, April 25
by Christian Jensen

In a time when more and more Danes are demanding quality and durability, this company's lounge furniture is breaking through and setting new standards for innovation in outdoor furniture.

It is no secret that climate change is making the weather more extreme. This has placed greater demands on us as people, but also on our garden furniture. More and more people are seeking sunbeds and lounge furniture that not only survive but thrive in any harsh climate (whether it is the cold Scandinavian winters or the southern sun) year after year, while maintaining their beautiful colors, comfortable shapes, and soft seating.

For most people who invest in outdoor furniture, durability is a significant concern. The problem with regular sunbeds and lounge furniture is often that they quickly show signs of wear and tear.

The color of the material can fade or turn yellow when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, and constant exposure to moisture can lead to rust or mold on metal and fabric parts. These conditions result in the furniture not only losing its attractive appearance but also its functional value.

The deterioration of your outdoor furniture is both disappointing and a financial loss. Many homeowners find themselves needing to replace their outdoor furniture every two or three years, which can quickly become a costly addition to the household budget. Moreover, the process of finding and installing new furniture can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you encounter difficulties matching new pieces with the existing outdoor décor.

A frequent need for replacement is not only an economic burden but also environmentally unsustainable. The constant consumption of resources for manufacturing new furniture and disposing of old ones contributes to unnecessary waste and resource use.

Traditional solutions in outdoor furniture have often left consumers dissatisfied, leading to repeated investments.

These conventional sunbeds may be made from materials that are not designed for prolonged exposure to sun, wind, and water. For example, common fabric types can fade when exposed to the sun's UV rays, and wooden or metal frames can begin to show signs of deterioration such as rust or rot, especially after rainy seasons or in humid climates.

TROISPOMMES HOME's lounge furniture represents a revolutionary solution in outdoor furniture, specifically designed to withstand the challenges that traditional outdoor furniture often succumbs to. These lounge pieces are crafted with a deep understanding of the common issues associated with outdoor use, including rapid deterioration, wear and tear, and color fading.

A modular, gray outdoor sofa with text highlighting weatherproof features and customer rating.

First and foremost, the lounge furniture is SGS tested and approved to the highest standards, specially developed to be UV-resistant and colorfast.

This ensures that the lounge furniture retains its vibrant color and appearance even after many years of use under direct sunlight and in all types of weather.

The material is 100% olefin-based and treated to be water-repellent year-round, allowing the furniture to dry quickly after rain and resist mold and mildew that typically accompany humid conditions.

Additionally, the furniture is filled with high-density PU foam, which provides comfortable seating while also ensuring that the structure remains stable and doesn’t blow away in wind and weather.


The design of these lounge furniture pieces is also carefully considered to minimize maintenance needs.

With removable and washable fabric, cleaning becomes simple and not time-consuming. The fabric can be washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried at low temperatures. It is made from materials that withstand repeated washing, keeping them fresh and inviting without extra costs or hassle.

TROISPOMMES HOME's approach to design and material selection means that owners of their lounge furniture can expect an investment that lasts longer, looks better, and requires minimal maintenance compared to standard outdoor furniture.

By investing in these pieces, consumers can avoid the frequent costs and hassles associated with replacing or maintaining their outdoor equipment, creating a much more sustainable and economically advantageous solution.

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Customer testimonial with a man's photo and a 5-star rating, praising furniture design and quality.Customer testimonial with a smiling woman and a five-star review for outdoor furniture.

Maria & Thomas

"We have had our lounge set for over three years now, and it still looks like new. It has withstood several severe storms, downpours, and hot summers without any issues. Definitely the best outdoor lounge brand on the market!"

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Featured in top design and lifestyle magazines as the preferred choice for quality-conscious consumers.

TroisPommes' lounge furniture offers a significant solution to the common issues that outdoor furniture owners often face.

These furniture pieces are designed with a robust construction and high-quality materials, ensuring long life and minimal maintenance. With their UV-resistant and water-repellent properties, these furniture items can withstand both intense sunlight and rainy days without fading or getting damaged. This reduces the need for regular replacement, which is both costly and inconvenient.

Furthermore, comfort and aesthetics are maintained through a design that does not compromise on style. The lounge furniture offers visual appeal that fits any modern outdoor décor and comfort that invites relaxation and enjoyment for many years. This directly addresses the pain of owning outdoor furniture that requires constant maintenance or replacement due to quality deterioration over time.

"Are they really as durable as they claim?"

Yes, absolutely! TROISPOMMES HOME offers a 5-year warranty that includes full replacement in case of product defects. But we are also proud to document our promise through numerous customer reviews and independent tests. Our materials are carefully selected and tested to withstand demanding weather conditions, and our innovative design ensures that the sunbeds are not only durable but also remain comfortable and attractive for many years. This means you can invest in our lounge furniture with confidence, knowing it will serve and delight you well into the future.

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"Get ready for a worry-free summer with the most durable sunbeds on the market!"

This comprehensive article on TROISPOMMES HOME highlights their exceptional quality, durability, and how their lounge furniture has revolutionized the outdoor furniture experience.